Advancement in technology has led to the manufacture of high-performance blenders that sell at low prices. You can access a blender that delivers over one horsepower at a cheap price. The blenders are suitable for crushing ice among other diverse
uses. High powered blenders can pulverize foods and help you extract the best benefit from whole foods. This brief overview looks into high-quality blenders under $300

Best Blender under $ 300

food blender3
· Blendtec

Total Blender $299- Blendtec blender is a superior performance
Blender and best for the money it is sold in the market and can perform all tasks from blending to mixing and chopping. It is of professional quality features a powerful motor of 13 amp with 1560 watts and is suitable for making smoothies. It features a four-inch blade as well as a three-quart capacity jar that is BPA free. The blender’s blades move at high speed to produce friction enabling the blender to cook soup.

· Ninja Mega

Kitchen System $199- Ninja Mega Kitchen System is a powerful blender that provides a combination of high quality blending with quality commercial food processing. The blender can handle numerous blending tasks including crushing ice, blending smoothies, creating milkshakes, chopping, mince and grinding food. It features a powerful two peak horsepower motor and six blade system. Unlike most average blenders that have a single blade at the base of the jar, Ninja Mega Kitchen System has six blades that enable thorough blending of food. All Ninja blenders have a cylindrical tube that runs from the base of the jug to the lid, enabling the blade to spin freely. It can be used with multiple attachments to knead dough for pizzas or biscuits among other uses.

· Margaritaville $99- The Margaritaville Frozen Concoction

Maker is the most suitable blender for crushing ice and making
frozen drinks as it delivers a little hint of flavor in your drinks. It
features an automatic proportioning feature that perfectly selects a balance of ingredients and ice and hence you will not need to worry about using too much ice. It can also blend up to 32 ounces at one time. All of its controls are easy to access since they are located at the front of the blender. It is also extremely easy to clean.

food blender2
· KitchenAid

5-Speed Blender $129- KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender is
perfectly adequate for standard blending in most families. It comes in a wide variety of colors including tangerine, white, empire red, gloss cinnamon, onyx black, chrome and blue willow hence you can choose according to your preferences a blender that complements your kitchen décor. The blender is suitable for making smoothies and milk shakes, but it can also be used to make numerous frozen concoctions. It offers five speeds of blending hence you can blend at your own pace. It comes equipped with a die-cast metal base as well as an ice-crusher. Its jar has a large capacity of 56 ounces which is also dishwasher safe. An outstanding aspect of the blender is that it is made of metal parts which are highly durable.


According to most customer reviews, these blenders are without a doubt the best for their price category. No other blenders offer this combination of superior performance, versatility, moderate price and quality.