vacuum cleaner carpet

Your old vacuum cleaner is no longer efficient. Thus, you should consider getting a replacement. A simple search online will reveal how challenging it can be to get a vacuum cleaner. You can easily be confused about what to consider or even the brand to purchase. Remember that your neighbor’s vacuum cleaner may not be suitable for you. Ideally, you need something that can suit your needs.

Flooring Type

new vacuum cleanerThis may seem to be an obvious consideration, but most homeowners forget to consider it. The common types of floors you will find in an average home are hardwood floors, carpets, laminate, and tile floors. If your home has a large area that is carpeted, you should consider getting an upright vacuum cleaner. You can also find some canister vacuum cleaners that can serve the purpose. An important feature to look for is the floor nozzle and motorized brush roll.

Since most homes have a combination of hardwood floors and carpet floors, you should look for convenience features. Some of the convenient features you need to consider are height adjustment, suction control, and brush roll control.

Ability to Control Allergens

As you know, most of your time is spent indoors, where pollutants are estimated to be three times higher than outdoor pollutants concentrations. If there is a family member suffering from allergies or asthma, then you should get a vacuum cleaner that offers HEPA filtration. This is a vital factor for improving indoor air quality. You should note that HEPA filters can capture up to 0.3 microns. You can also find machines with charcoal filtration to control odors. These are suitable for homes with pets.

Frequency of Use

vacuum cleanerYou need to take into account the frequency of vacuuming. Also, you should consider the foot traffic your home receives. If many people walk on the carpet, then it is likely to accumulate sand, dirt, and crumbs quickly. There are some areas in your home that are difficult to access. If the debris concentrates on certain areas, then you should get a stick vacuum cleaner.

Noise Level

Since vacuum cleaners are machines, they are bound to generate a given amount of noise. Ideally, heavy-duty and larger machines can do the job. For office spaces and homes where minimal noise can be tolerated, you should look for vacuum cleaners with sound insulation features.