Key Sous Vide Cooking Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Sous vide refers to a cooking technique commonly used by fine dining established to help slowly cook foods in a sealed bag at relatively low temperatures. You can check out to learn about this cooking technique, and this will help you ensure that your steak and other food types cook at precise temperatures coming out delicious and succulent every time. When you enjoy fine cuisine but interested in reducing the amount of time you spend in the kitchen, the Sous vide equipment can be a perfect choice for you.
To assist you in coming up with a perfect sous vide cooking, we have compiled a list of some mistakes and ways to avoid them.


It is important that you always read your machine’s instructions, research on the experiences of other people, and practice the different recipes to help you learn how to prepare your meals to perfection.
Although there are people who claim Sous vide is quite easy, there is a possibility that you can overcook your food. The food will always continue cooking even when it leaves the pot unless you place it in an ice bath.


overseasoningWhenever you season the foods and cook them on a grill or stovetop, some of the seasonings fall on the pan or, at times, get lost in the thin air. Most people season the foods; they will be putting in the Sous vide pouch. However, there are times when the seasoning will have nowhere to go apart from getting into the food. When you season the food heavily, there is a possibility that they can come out frankly, salty, and a bit gross.

Mishandling the Sous Vide Pouches

Whenever water that comes from the bath get onto your Sous vide pouch, it will create something that resembles a mess instead of a meal. You must always ensure the pockets which are vacuum sealed and sandwich bags are well sealed before you put them. Some individuals opt for silicone bags. Also, you need to know the tongs are never your friend when it comes to the Sous vide as they can smash your fish fillets.

It is difficult to completely avoid some mistakes when it comes to sous vide cooking. However, with the above tips, you will be able to prevent the most common mistakes, which will make you realize success when it comes to Sous vide cooking.…