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Plumbing Tips For Kuala Lumpur’s Homeowners

If you live in the beautiful country of Malaysia, then among the best places to live in Kuala Lumpur must be on the list. Finding your dream home is everybody’s main goal at some point in life. Plumbing problems tend to be very common, and this is evident by the high demand for plumbing services by many of Kuala Lumpur’s Homeowners.

The next time you face a plumbing problem you can’t fix, you should consider Kuala Lumpur’s most affordable plumbing services. You might be surprised that as a homeowner, the are some ways you can fix specific plumbing problems and even prevent them. Below are some tips you should be aware of when it comes to plumbing problems at your home.

Dishwashers and Washing Machines

load washing machineThe dishwasher is one of the places that many homeowners are most likely to face some plumbing issues. Various tips can help many people out there prevent plumbing related issues. If you’re looking to conserve water, you should run your dishwasher or washing machine at night.

Dishwashers and washing machines tend to use a lot to do water, and it will pay to conserve as much water as you can. You should make sure that all the connections are tightly connected to prevent any leaks. You should also ensure that the hoses you are using are not weak or leaking.

Garbage Disposal

Many homeowners will agree that they tend to face problems with their garbage disposals, which can go from annoying to frustrating. Make sure that you don’t put hard stuff that the disposal may have a hard time grinding. Make sure that you often run water down the drain. This will be crucial in moving the waste. It is also advised to turn on the disposal before adding any food waste.

Wall, Basement and floor

Make a point of ensuring that the drains drain water faster to prevent any stagnant water on your floor. You can achieve this by snaking slow draining drains. Flooding is common in most homes, and you need to know when it happens to prevent further damage to the house and other items in it; you should consider having a flood alarm.


toiletThe toilet is another area a homeowner needs to consider as common plumbing problems tend to b experienced in toilets. You should make sure that you refrain from flushing material that might end up causing a blockage: they include diapers and cotton. Make sure you inspect if there are any licks. You might need to buy new tank parts if the toilet doesn’t flush properly.

By considering the mentioned tips above, you will enjoy your stay at home with minimal plumbing related issues.…

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Things You Must Know About Waterproofing a House

Moist is the ultimate enemy of any buildings. When the concrete structure is not waterproof, water can enter the structure and degrade the strength over time. As a result, the wall cracks and crumbles bit by bit. If left unrepaired for a long time, the whole structure will be at risk. And you certainly do want that to happen.

Our house is more than just a shelter. It is our investment too. Once the foundation looks brittle, the value can decrease drastically. What is worse is that the damage caused by dampness builds up slowly. You will be most likely to notice it once it is already too late.

But do not worry. We are going to learn about house waterproofing in this article.

Hiring the Right Experts

professional waterproofing serviceThe rule of thumb about waterproofing is that you must not do it as a Do-It-Yourself project. Even if you have all the resources and skills, waterproofing the house is going to need you to work with at least three or four workers. It can be expensive if you are trying to employ them without a contractor.

Hiring the right experts is vital to the longevity of the reinforced structure. For example, if you are Australian, working with Able Waterproofing won’t be disappointing. The service gets good reviews and handles many waterproofing projects, such as at the house’s balcony, bathroom, and the wall. They also repair and provide remedial treatment for the house. You should work with this kind of company to ensure that you get only the best service.

Bathroom Waterproofing

steamy bathingThe bathroom is where all the dampness of the house accumulates. There are two things that you can do for your bathroom: installing a vent and advanced drainage system. The vent system will suck the moist air and keep all the surfaces in the bathroom dry. Moss and molds cannot grow in a dry area so the vent will save you from the trouble of cleaning the stubborn bathroom stains. The drainage system prevents the water from seeping into the wall and floor. Seepage can be disastrous because it degrades the concrete’s strength gradually.

If you have a bathroom on the second floor, extra waterproofing is needed. The wall in which the piping system exists must be reinforced with water repellant seal. However, air circulation is also necessary because moisture will build up, no matter how tight your seal is.

Roof Waterproofing

waterproof roofWhen waterproofing the roof, applying water repellant membrane on the shingles is the most well-known step. But the water also flows through to roof gutter. If the gutter is nor properly installed and allows leakage to accumulate, you need to be ready when you find out that the wall and the ceiling have become moldy and rotten.

Call a roofer for regular inspection. Ask for their professional advice about what can be done to the house’s roof. In some areas, hail can come quite often during the winter, and a regular sealant may not give the best protection. In fact, some sealant can make the roof easily brittles once frozen.

Plumbing Pipes

repairing the leaked pipesRusty pipes are the main cause of leakage in the kitchen and the bathroom. It lets the water to ooze out and decomposes the surrounding house parts. Do a regular inspection, like once in every three months. Clean any clogs that you find, and replace the rusty pipes. Old houses might need this treatment more intensely than the newer houses because they use mostly rust-prone metal pipes in the plumbing system.

If you notice molds appearing on the wall, that can be a sign of leakage. It is time to call a plumber and a waterproofing professional to deal with the problem. Or, if you want to do things on your own, make sure you get the skills and the right tools.…